1. Kelakuan !!! Ga akan ada…. hahahaha AMPAS =)) with Rifki and @aurigass – View on Path.
  2. Buat lu temen galau-jomblo gue ! *pelukhulk with Hascary – View on Path.
  3. Good luck om shincan…terima kasih atas bimbingannya selama ini – View on Path.
  4. Thought via Path

    It seems like you’ve all had to greet me with a goodbye, but remember one thing… this is not the end of everything.. see you in another story mates :) with Mark Billy and Jezy – Read on Path.

  5. ngaco pisan koplok !! =))
  6. !!
  7. – View on Path.
  8. my best mate !
  9. Ngakak parah gue bor !! Bruakakakakakaka with hascary – View on Path.
  10. Listening to Wonderwall by Oasis

    And all the lights that lead us there are blinding – Preview it on Path.